Vision  2023

“In the coming years, The Church of Pentecost will strive to become a Church whose members go to possess or take their nations by influencing every worldview, thought and behavior with Kingdom principles, values and lifestyles, thereby, turning many people to Christ.”  –
Apostle Eric Nyamekye (Chairman, The Church of Pentecost)

| VISION 2023

In the next five years (2018-2023), The Church of Pentecost shall be guided by an overarching theme, “Possessing the Nations”, where we intend to equip the church to transform every sphere of society with values and principles of the Kingdom of God. Guided by our overall goal and strategic objectives, it is expected that the implementation of the vision strategy will have positive impacts on both the church itself and society as a whole within the next five years and beyond. We seek to contribute to a God-fearing society with hardworking and committed citizens; a society where there is the display of Christ-like behaviour and the demonstration of a high level of integrity; a society with a considerable reduction in social injustice, corruption, crime rate and other social vices; a society whose members are law-abiding citizens and where there is a reasonable reduction in wayward or deviant characters; a transformed society that is very concerned about the environment, keeping it clean and prompting others within the society to do same and a society where citizens in deprived communities have improved access to basic amenities.

In furtherance of the pursuit of our short, medium and long-term objectives, 

    • We shall be committed to building the local church as a measured-up strategy for equipping the church to possess the nations. A conscious effort will therefore be made to make the local church an equipping centre, where members are oriented and equipped to possess the nations.
    • We shall be committed to instituting an intentional discipleship programme to prepare our members for societal impact and transformation. This programme shall take into consideration well-defined discipleship interventions such as family-based discipleship, personal oriented discipleship, and local church (assembly) discipleship. 
    • We shall be committed to realigning the activities of the various ministries of the church to feed into the Vision 2023 agenda of the church. Efforts shall also be made to review their mode of operation to reflect the current spiritual and socio-economic needs and aspirations of the people they are called to minister to. 

    • We shall be committed to re-organising the church’s counselling services to be accessible to all members at all levels. The Counselling Unit will also be made to expand its scope to address mental health and other related issues such as grief/depression/anxiety, suicidal crisis; domestic violence and abuse; financial and social problems; chronic health problems; families struggling with transitions/crisis, etc.  

    • We shall be committed to rendering the home a transformative arena for societal impact and transformation. This will be done with the understanding that the relationship between husband and wife is more than a commitment between two persons; it is a three-sided relationship consisting of husband, wife and God. 

    • As God’s instruments for the Great Commission, we shall be committed to intensifying evangelism, church planting and discipleship at all levels of the church. Planting of new churches in unreached areas shall be pursued in all earnest. 

    • We shall be committed to rolling out programmes to strategically engage/disciple the nation’s existing governance structures (the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature) within the framework of fulfilling our prophetic responsibility to the nation. Ministry to politicians as well as raising leaders for the nation’s governance structures will therefore be given special attention.  

    • We shall be committed to providing chaplaincy services which will include hospital/hospice chaplaincy, sports chaplaincy, first attender/emergency services chaplaincy and chaplaincy to widows, widowers, the aged, orphans and refugees or migrants. 

    • We shall be committed to intensifying ministry to the palace through the formation of working groups at all levels in order to minister to the chieftaincy institution.
    • We shall be committed to embarking on strategic partnerships with government in developing the nation. We will, as a result, refocus, restructure and reposition PENTSOS to work effectively as a development-oriented organisation as well as a corporate organisation cast in the mode of other faith-based development organisations.
    • We shall be committed to positioning the local church as an agent for community transformation through its active involvement in community development.
    • Considering the background that persons with disabilities remain a large neglected mission field, we shall be committed to strengthening ministry to this neglected mission field.
    • We shall be committed to restructuring and empowering the media outlets of the church to propagate the gospel, disciple members of the church and contribute to the transformation of society. 

    • We shall be committed to strengthening our mission fronts and exploring other strategies to enable us increase our presence in the nations. Our target is not just to be present in a nation, but that our presence would be felt as we impact the land with the values and principles of the Kingdom of God 

    • The Pentecost University College will continue to be assisted to become a university of choice in Ghana, where excellent graduates will be produced to meet the needs and challenges of the fast-changing world. It will be considered a unique mission field of the church with the aim of leading students to the Lord Jesus Christ, discipling and equipping them to possess the nations. 

    • The Pentecost Theological Seminary (now School of Theology, Mission and Leadership) will be assisted to strengthen ministerial formation, refresher courses, higher theological education and missionary training for the church. This will help to provide ministers with the needed opportunities to study, practise and develop capacities for effective ministry. 

    • The Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) will continue to provide Christian-centred hospitality services with excellence, while making efforts to expand the facilities at the Centre. 
    • The Regional Coordinating Committees shall continue to be empowered and given more room to effectively carry out their constitutionally assigned mandate, especially in providing effective supervisory role at the grassroots level.
    • We shall be committed to harnessing the resourceful human capital of the PIWCs in order to extend the impact of the Kingdom to all spheres of society and the nations.

    • We shall be committed to enhancing the activities of the Pension Board in fulfilling its constitutional mandate. 

    • We shall be committed to deepening fraternal relationships with other Christian churches and para-church organisations across the globe. This is aimed at contributing to the call for a renewed community of believers, consumed with the zeal of the Lord to promote values and principles of the Kingdom of God within the global community.

    • We shall be committed to accelerating the provision of a conducive worship environment for all our local assemblies, as well as ensuring that all our building projects meet the value for money requirement, and are compliant with construction standards and local statutory requirements. 

    • We shall be committed to improving the administration and finance functions of the church to a level that can withstand contemporary challenges of organisational structures.

    • The Executive Council shall be committed to serving the church wholeheartedly and with integrity in the fear of the Lord, as mandated. Again, efforts shall be made to make the General Council more functional. 

    • We shall be committed to adopting biblical and best practices to improve our finances in order to mobilise the needed financial resources for the expected output of Vision 2023.




Equipping members of the Church with Required Resources:

      • Making the Local Church a Centre for Transformation.
      • Pursuing Intentional Discipleship


Strengthening & Re-Aligning Existing Institutions and Structures:

      • Re-organizing Ministries

      • Introduction Gospel Sundays

      • Effective Bible Study Sessions

      • Home and Urban Missions (HUM)

      • Ministry to Persons with Disabilities

      • Introduction of Chaplaincy

      • Expansion of the Counselling Ministry

      • Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS)

      • Introduction of Workers’ Guilds

      • Introduction of PENSA International


Transforming Society:

      • Deploying Members as Agents of Transformation

      • Community Transformation

      • Church/Government Partnership